Hey! I'm Kathryn!


I’m a food lover, an avid cook, adventurer and I also happen to be a registered dietitian. Food is central to my life - I love creating new recipes, eating tasty food and feeding my family nutritious food. Anyone who knows me, knows that I talk about food ALL. THE. TIME. My goal is to help you learn how to eat well and enjoy it!

Eating a nutritious diet is an investment in your future, because without our health, what do we have? As a mom of 2 with lots of projects on the go, I understand what it's like to be crunched for time... the struggle is real, so I focus on quick, easy, tasty meals. I am an expert in adapting recipes to an dietary restriction without compromising on flavour. I understand that food and nutrition is just a part of your life, so my approach is wholistic (yes, I spelled that right - wholistic as in 'the whole'); I look at every aspect of your life to make sure your nutrition needs are being met. 

There is a lot of nutrition noise out there. Let me, a trusted expert, guide you through the maze of information to find your way to health, wellness and a better future!