Halloween brings out ghost, goblins and a LOT of opinions. Give the kids ALL the candy, don't give them ANY candy, let the SWITCH WITCH come and leave toys instead, tell them you ATE all the candy in the morning etc, etc. So what is the right approach for Halloween candy?

There is no right answer and there is no wrong answer, but here are my two cents in the matter. Candy, treats and temptations are all around us, and it is important to learn how to balance foods whether it be candy at Halloween, baked goods during the holidays or chocolate on Valentines day or Easter. Banishing all candy from the house is not really fair to your children, nor does it prepare them for the rest of their lives. Candy shouldn't be used as a bribe to get the kids to sleep nor should it be used as a reward for good behaviour, instead, it should be used as an opportunity. 

This is YOUR chance parents, to teach your children about balance in life and about mindfulness. Allow them to learn their limits and to understand how their bodies feel if they just eat TOO much candy. Allow them to understand that they can make good choices and that any kind of food is just that - food. It's not an emotional response, it's just food. When kids are allowed to make some decisions about food and treats, they develop a healthy relationship with it, and in doing so, develop into adults with a good relationship with food. 

Ellyn Satter says it best in her article about Halloween Candy. It is our responsibility to help our children develop a good relationship with all foods - even with candy. So take your kids out for Halloween, let them eat some treats, make sure they brush their teeth well tonight and give them a nutritious breakfast tomorrow morning. They will be better off for it.