It is the year of the pulse and only fitting that my first post be about LENTILS! 

Lentils are a favorite ingredient of mine - they are little nutrition powerhouses, full of protein, iron and fiber!! Lentils can be added to almost anything from scones and pancakes (and they taste good too!) to spaghetti sauce and soups or stand up as the main star of a meal. 

Lentils are a great way to sneak extra nutrients into meals and are the perfect ingredient for everyone at the dinner table. There are a couple of great ways to add lentils to dishes, especially when you are just starting out and aren't sure what to do with them. 

I like to add lentils to my rice - I add 1/2 cup - 1 cup of red lentils to rice and cook as usual. The red lentils almost disappear at the same time as adding an extra OOMPF! to your meal. 

Another way to sneak in some fiber, protein and iron is to add 1 cup of cooked red lentils to your favorite spaghetti sauce recipe. The red lentils disappear and don't affect the flavor or the texture of the sauce. 

Go on! Give it a try, add some lentils to your life!