About Kathryn

Kathryn is a Registered Dietitian and public speaker focused on healthy eating that is balanced, simple and delicious. She loves cooking, eating and all things food! 

Kathryn has been involved in local food initiatives for several years - sometimes she takes off her Dietitian hat to volunteer and give presentations as a Community Food Advisor, teaching local groups about healthy eating and giving food demonstrations. Kathryn also volunteers at the Urban Aboriginal High School teaching cooking and food literacy. 

Kathryn has an undergraduate degree in Human Science and Nutrition, as well as years of experience advocating for healthy eating and food knowledge. She helped write Where's the Food Centretown? and was the local drop off for a CSA until she moved.

Kathryn is a culinary expert who loves to cook meals that are quick and easy to prepare and taste good too!

Kathryn uses her love of food and knowledge of nutrition to provide professional advice to individuals looking to make healthy changes to their lives and invest in their future well-being.

Kathryn focuses on whole foods and approaches nutrition from a holistic point of view, using evidence-based strategies to help her clients.

In addition to her community work, Kathryn has contributed to two books on health and nutrition; she wrote published chapters on Sugar Sweetened Beverages, and Marketing them to Children in a book on Beverage Impacts on Health and contributed a chapter about Nutrition for Young Children in the Nutrition Guide for Physicians (to be published in 2017).

Outside of work, Kathryn is an avid adventurer and traveler, and she loves spending time with her husband and daughter.