Individual Nutrition Counselling

Change your habits and change your life!

Are you overwhelmed with the thought of preparing dinner every night? Do you have nutrition concerns or special dietary requirements that you just don't know how to plan for? I can help you come up with delicious meal ideas and plan for any special diet such as gluten free, vegan, FODMAP, etc. 

If you are ready for a sustainable change and delightful eating instead of eating the same thing every week or following the latest diet, detox or cleanse, I can help you! Individual nutrition counselling can help you make eating into a simple experience and give you the confidence to make tasty meals and good decisions about healthy eating. Forget fighting for dinner ideas and learn to cook creatively, eat mindfully and discover balance in your life. 

Everyone is unique and has different needs and wants. Our first appointment will be to discuss your background, eating and health history, and to get to know each other. We will discuss your goals and decide on the next steps together to ensure that you are confident and empowered to make healthy eating decisions. 

Invest in your future, achieve your goals and enjoy eating again! Book an appointment today!


This is ideal for someone who has questions about nutrition or the latest diet out there, or who is simply looking for some new ideas to renew their interest in healthy eating.

Initial consultation - 75 minutes $125.

Follow-up - 30 minutes $75



This is perfect for someone who is looking to make moderate lifestyle changes or who wants advice on special diets and nutritional concerns.

75 minute initial consultation +5, 30 minute consultations -  $440.

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Looking to change your life and your habits? This is the ideal plan for someone looking to make big life changes and invest in their future health and happiness. Kathryn will help you identify and overcome your challenges, offer guidance and support and help keep you on track. 

75 minute initial consultation +10, 30 minute consultations -  $775.